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Image49.gif (4261 bytes)Spats


* Protect the foot and leg area

* Velcro or Dome snaps closure

* Come in a variety of sizes small to extra large

* With or without elastic at the foot area to secure the spat to the boot

* Lined or unlined

* With or without chin guards

* With or without metal insert in the foot area. This metal insert forms the spat to the foot area and provides additional protection.

* With or without a buckle strap at the foot area to secure spat to foot.

Ankle Spats / Leggings

AS1 1" gauntlet ankle spat
AS2 2" gauntlet ankle spat
AS3 3" gauntlet ankle spat
AS4 4" gauntlet ankle spat
AS5 5" gauntlet ankle spat
AS6 6" gauntlet ankle spat
AS7 7" gauntlet ankle spat
AS8 8" gauntlet ankle spat
KH Knee high spat
KH1 Knee high spat with chin guard & elastic foot strap
KH2 Knee high spat with metal insert at the foot area
KH3 Knee high spat with chin guard , foot strap, and metal insert
KHL Knee high spat lined with wool or leather
KHL3 Knee high spat wool lined with chin guard, foot strap, & metal insert.